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Variable Piston Pumps / Variable Piston Pumps / VPA10VSO Series 31
VPA10VSO Series 31

VPA10VSO Series 31

Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pumps


Anfield VPA10V(S) series variable displacement axial piston pumps are designed for open loop circuits and can be used in both mobile and industrial applications. The output flow is proportional to the drive speed and the displacement.

The VPA10V(S) series piston pumps are available in six displacements, ranging from 1.10 in³/rev (18 cm³/rev) to 8.54 in³/rev (140 cm³/rev). They offer speeds up to 3,300 rpm, a rated working pressure of 4000 psi (280 bar), single pump or through drive pumps allowing for multi-circuit systems. Offered in SAE or Metric mounting with side or rear porting.

Available in a variety of controls with short control response times. These variable piston pumps offer the benefit of providing power only when needed.