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 Spin-On filters are used as process and safety filters to protect individual pumps, valves or the entire hydraulic circuit from contamination as per ISO 4406. Versions are available with operating pressures ranging from 174 to 508 psi. In-line Spin-On filters can be used for the following purposes :

  • Suction filters
  • On the return circuit, for mounting on the line or on the tank cover
  • In-line for low and medium pressures

Spin-On filters are available in 4 configurations :

  • Single cartridge in-line
  • In-line with two parallel cartridges on the same axis
  • In-line with two parallel cartridges mounted side by side
  • With single cartridge flange for installation to the tank cover

All versions may be equipped with visual and/or electrical blockage indicators

Series: MPS-050/070, MPS-100/150, MPS- 200/250, MPS300/350, MPS-400, MSH050-150, MST 050-150



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